Supplier of Heavy Equipment & Spare Parts


Mission Statement

Offering the right products and service right now to targeted markets.


To work closely with our  customers , to be preferred and recommended international company in the targeted replacement market.

Beray International Inc. is an Ontario based wholesale distributor of new, high-quality replacement parts for heavy and agricultural equipment, trucks and trailers within North and South America. We have thousands of parts available in our vast inventory and we offer worldwide shipping. With over 20 years’ experience in the international market, our hardworking and dedicated team aims to consistently offer our customers the best service at the greatest possible value. Through our long history in parts development, investing in technical drawings and forging casting molds, we have over time become experts in the graphic design and production of parts. Our expertise, coupled with our commitment to producing quality products and striving for customer satisfaction, has allowed us to increase the production of molds, tools and models used in our manufacturing processes. Today, Beray International Inc., has a vast product range .

All products supplied by Beray International are guaranteed and use raw materials in the manufacturing process — similar to OEM products specifications— and are perfectly interchangeable with OEM products. With over 20 years’ experience in the heavy equipment industry, Beray International continues to abide by the touchstones: “Reliability, Quality and Customer Satisfaction .


Saleh Halabchi

President & Chief Executive Officer & Marketing Director

    Javid Halabchi

    Quality control inspector supervisor & sales manager

      Leonid Broido

      Eastern Europe Territory Manager